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Hello there!

Having recently read lots of blogs, from people I closely follow, on their skincare routines I thought I would share my skin journey…

I always had great skin through my childhood and teenage years so it was never really anything I gave a second thought. This all changed when my skin badly broke out, especially across my forehead and chin. My lifestyle was exactly the same, I was using the same products, eating/drinking the same so I couldn’t understand what was happening! My skin would ache constantly and I would go to any extreme to hide it – from wearing heavy duty makeup, to pulling scarves up over my chin and mouth, I even got a fringe!!!

I had just got engaged and started to panic about my skin for the wedding day. After doing some research, I came across a little salon based close to where I live. This just happened to be the lovely Michelle from Bliss Skin and Beauty Dromore; I immediately made contact. At this point I’d like to say this blog post is in no way, shape or form sponsored. I truly believe in Michelle and how she transformed my skin then and continues to do so today!

I explained to Michelle what my skin concerns were and that my wedding day was fast approaching; she invited me into the salon to have a further in depth conversation and some face mapping. From the moment I walked into the salon I was put at ease and made feel right at home. The salon is a beautiful space and with Michelle greeting you at the door, it couldn’t be more inviting!

On my, and anyone’s first visit to the salon, Michelle will carry out a full consultation and face mapping.   This allows for a truly prescriptive treatment enabling her to target different skin concerns in different zones on your face.  It also includes a conversation on your lifestyle, health and any skin goals you may have.  She will then recommend the best course of action and treatment on what she has discovered.

You spend your treatment under the covers, on her heated couch and listening to relaxing music.  Michelle has magic hands and I’m always asleep before the end of the session!  Her knowledge, experience and professionalism is evident throughout the treatment and the aftercare; I could see results from my very first visit.

Michelle will recommend some products to continue your skin journey at home and has a vast range of products to buy in the salon, but is in no way forceful in selling these. She is more than happy to provide you with samples to take home and try out before investing in any.

When going to a salon, I feel you choose it as much on the staff, as you do on the premises and quality/range of treatments.  Michelle is a beautiful person inside and out.  She has been through many life stages with me from engagement, hen parties, wedding, miscarriage, pregnancy, grief and the list goes on. She has been my go to; regardless of what life has thrown at me. I don’t think I’ve ever really thanked her for that, but I hope that by me returning and supporting her it shows.

So girls, what are you waiting for?! You can book in with Michelle via social media or on the phone at 07912784382.

I have spoke in this post about skincare and facials but Michelle also provides other treatments including massage, pedicures, waxing, reflexology.   Find out more about what she offers on Instagram here and Facebook here.


Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!