Life lessons learned now I’m a Mummy!

I can not believe I am saying this, but I’m now a Mummy of a 2 year old!!… And I have no idea how this happened! Feels like 1 minute I am giving birth to a 5 pound bundle of innocence, next I’m filling in a pre pre school form for a cookie loving, Peppa Pig addict!

I have learned to appreciate an awful lot since being in survival mode for just over 2 years…here’s a short list of 10:

1.You can be rude, without people thinking your rude.

The next time your mother in law starts “giving you advice” about childrearing you don’t have to nod, smile and pretend to take it all on board – just close your eyes and fall asleep.  There’s no way she could be offended as she will assume you have been up all night with the baby.  (Forget, on purpose, to tell her the baby has been sleeping through for over a year now!!)


After you become a parent, sleep becomes like trying to chase the wind.  Then there are a hundred things to do when the baby goes to bed. But it’s ok; you can always sleep when your dead.

3.You’ll never be short of an excuse again.

Now you’ve got a child you can get out of any social event you don’t feel like going to.  For example, ” I am so sorry I can’t run that marathon with you on Friday but my baby’s not himself and I wouldn’t be happy leaving him”.  Once you’ve excused yourself, pop on your PJs and Netflix and get a glass of wine in hand!!

4.You get to go shopping and not have to carry any bags.

As well as putting your baby into the buggy, you can also chuck in the rest of your belongings.  Years of not carrying anything, including your cup of coffee if you get a good model!

5.Restaurants that have a drive thru.

I am all over any restaurant that has a drive thru. Rather than having to get out of the car which involves loading and unloading pram, baby, changing bag with stuff to cover all eventualities including nuclear war, etc etc, sit and order from the comfort of your car with none of that hassle!

6.Always having company.

Whether it’s going for a pee, having a shower, cooking dinner, you name it, you will have a shadow in the form of a child. No longer is peeing alone a human right.

7.You’ll get lots of free sweets and chocolate.

People give children huge amounts of sweet stuff for all occasions.  I’m all about giving my little one his 5 portions of fruit and veg per day and save the sweeties/chocolate only for a special treat.  So as the great parent I am, I stash the goodies out of reach in a kitchen cupboard and eat the lot.


So before I became a mummy I thought wipes were just used to clean babies’ bums – how foolish was I??!  Now I know they can be used for cleaning stains off clothes, highchairs, ceilings and car dashboards.

9. Family photos.

So in normal everyday life you hold the camera up, tell them to “say cheese” and snap a photo.  This doesn’t happen when children are involved.

10.Your own parents.

Before I had my little man, I didn’t fully appreciate my own parents.  Now I get what I put them through and all the things they still done for me.  I’ve apologised for most things now (I think!!!).

Would love to hear what you all you Mummy’s out there now appreciate!

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!