5 tips to Capture the Perfect Interior Shot

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Over 3 years ago I started my Instagram journey when we were renovating Rose Cottage.  Interior design was never really my thing until I started to make decisions about the inside of our home…Queue me spending hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and to try and find my style!  I began to share photos of our redecoration and found a real love for staging interior images.  I didn’t attend any fancy photography courses instead just picked things up and improved (slightly!!!) along the way!  There has been a lot of trial and error to get where I am and even still I feel theres loads more room to grow.

I have to say, there are no rules, only loose guidelines that you can follow to take a good photo.  It really all comes down to finding your OWN style.  Personally I love light and bright shots, others may prefer dark and moody – its entirely up to you!
1. Use natural light (whenever possible!)
Get the lights turned off to avoid bad shadows.  I also don’t use a flash – I feel natural light always gives the best outcome.

2. Edit every single photo
Software to edit your images will enhance them and retrieve the best results.  I like Snapseed as its quick and easy to use.

3. Keep your lines straight
Watch your lines when your taking interior shots and keep them as straight as you can.  Using a tripod with a bubble level can really help with this.  Keeping your camera at chest height, between the ceiling and floor is a good way to capture over the table and countertops.

4. Overcast days are your best friend!

The minute you see some clouds get your house tidied and the camera out!  The clouds function as a large softbox creating lovely soft shadows.

5. Stage carefully
The best shots are always carefully staged.  Hide all those plugs and ugly cables, basically anything that is not intended for decorative purposes.  Photoshop is also great for editing out those unwanted light switches etc.

There’s definitely a lot more hints and tips I’m sure I’ve missed here so if you’ve any questions please come over to @homeatrosecottage on Instagram – I’d love to hear from you over there! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!

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Transforming my skin (In collaboration with Revilo)

Hello there!

The lovely team at Revilo got in touch to see if I would like to try out some of their products.  I jumped at the opportunity as my skin has been in bad need of some love and attention of recent.  The company was founded by a Husband and Wife duo who are from Ireland;  with Lucy having over 20 years experience in the luxury spa industry, I felt in very safe hands when explaining my main skin concerns.  They recommended I try the Skin Refiner Nano with a box of ampoules for purifying and clearing.


The Skin Refiner Nano is an award winning, non-invasive skin care enhancement device. It is now available in Ireland and the UK for the first time exclusively through Revilo Products. It has been sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland already.  It is similar to micro-needling, however unlike micro-needling there is no downtime and no needles; just a gentle disposable Silicone tip and is completely pain free with instant results.

The Skin Refiner Nano creates invisible Nano channels in your skin increasing the absorption rate of your skincare products into your skin from approximately 30% up to 70% that’s why it works so brilliantly.  As you get older collagen begins to break down in your skin resulting in lines and wrinkles, however the Skin Refiner Nano is fantastic for anti-ageing as it naturally stimulates your collagen giving you plumper, firmer, radiant skin. (What’s not to love eh??)  The Skin Refiner Nano uses disposable ampoules filled with hyaluronic acid and powerful natural ingredients that work at a deeper level because of the nano channels created making your skin visibly plumper and glowing with hydration.  Hyaluronic acid is known for replumping and hydrating skin.  The hyaluronic acid contains 4 different molecular sizes to hydrate your skin at different depths. The smaller ones go deeper and the large ones stay near the surface.


There are three ampoules to choose from depending on your skin’s needs. One for Anti-aging one for Pigmentation and Redness Reducing (sensitive skin) and one for Purifying and Clearing (oily acne prone skin).  As I previously mentioned, I went for the Purifying and clearing one, as acne is my main skin concern.

And here are the results!…


To say I am pleased is a massive understatement!!!  I could not be happier with these results and they were achieved in just over 2 weeks!  It has massively reduced redness, prevented further breakouts, and left my skin feeling plumper and more hydrated. 

As an added bonus, all of the products are vegan, gluten free, not tested on animals, free from mineral oils, free from chemical fragrances, microplastics, harmful emulsifiers, dyes and artificial preservatives, with just the minimum of packaging.

Want to have amazing skin in only a couple of weeks too?! The lovely team at Revilo have very generously offered me a 10% off discount code along with free P&P – Use the code JILLBF at checkout via the website here.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch!

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!


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Autumn photo Shoot (in Collaboration with Cathy Dwyer Our Wildest Days Photography)

Hi there!

I thought I would pop some of the images from our photoshoot with Cathy Dwyer up here for you all to have a little nosy…They are just too gorgeous not to share!

Cathy was a joy to work with; she put us all at ease and her photography style is so different which really makes her stand out from the crowd!

We could not be happier with how the photos turned out and they will be proudly displayed here in Rose Cottage!

You’ll find Cathy on:

Instagram: Here

Facebook: Here


Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!