Baby’s Kitchen Cupboard Organisation

Hello there!

Hope you are all well? Thought I would write a blog post about how I have got myself organised to best cater for little Harry’s eating.  If you’re a parent, you will know how stressful it can become when your wee one is crying looking fed and you’re flapping about trying to get bottles made/ food prepared!  I think the key to avoiding this is preparation and organisation.

Firstly, I cleared a cupboard in the kitchen and dedicated it solely to Harry.  I then bought some storage baskets to put his bits and pieces in.  You can find the baskets here:


The bottom shelf has sterilised bottles on the left, baby rice and porridge in the middle and formula on the right.  This formula is the opened one which I am currently using.

The middle shelf has a basket full of spoons, bowls and bibs.  And another basket with food pouches for handiness when out and about.  (Just a quick side note – become a friend to Ella’s Kitchen here for a cute little weaning starter pack: )


The top shelf has spare formula; I would recommend keeping a spare tin or two to avoid panic if it runs out!  And a basket with medical supplies, and cups.

I hope these simple organisation tips have been helpful! If you have any more I would love to hear them!

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!