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Sleeping Soundly in Collaboration with Future Weighted Blankets

Hi there!

When Future Weighted Blankets got in touch to ask me to review one of their blankets, I absolutely jumped at the chance!  I first came across weighted blankets around 7 years ago when I worked in a school for children with disabilities.  I supported kids in the advanced support unit of the school where needs were high and complex.  We used the weighted blankets regularly in this setting to provide calm, reduce anxiety, focus abilities in the classroom and avoid outbursts where possible.

Before I got the blanket for myself, I was hoping that it would reduce my anxiety, help with restless legs and promote a good nights sleep.  (Not asking for much was I?!)  Fast forward to today, I have now slept with the weighted blanket for 2 weeks.  Firstly, can I just say I am totally blown away by the effects.  I honestly could not have wished for anything more from this blanket.  It has given me the feeling I am getting a big hug all night long!!  The sense of security and tranquility it has provided has really helped sooth my everyday stress and anxiety and improved my sleep.

Ash is forever “commenting” on how restless I am in bed and how this also affects his sleep (I mean, dear love us all if a man doesn’t get his 8 hours!!!); and even he has noticed how uninterrupted my sleep has been.  I really feel the quality of my now uninterrupted sleep is much better which has allowed me to have a more restful night. Studies on these blankets show they trigger happiness hormones and I have to say it really helped relax me.

The quality of the blanket itself and the 2 covers it comes with are high and it is constructed really well.  The covers are made of eco friendly silky bamboo, soft cotton and one is textured which would be perfect for a little ones sensory needs.  The small pockets in the duvet keep the beads in place and I didn’t find the beads shifting at all when using it and the duvet stayed in place within the cover.

If anyone else out there is struggling with sleep like I was, you will know how it affects your daily life with keeping focus and concentration (queue Jill putting TV remotes in the fridge and butter in the tumble dryer!!!).  As a working Mummy sleep is so so precious to me and vital to functioning effectively.  I am looking forward to reaping more benefits from this blanket in the coming months/years and so are my family!


To find out more about investing in a blanket please check out Future Weighted Blankets on Instagram here

To buy a blanket click on the link here

If you have any other questions, as always please get in touch!

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!



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