Creating a Tranquil Bedroom

Hello there!

If you’ve been reading my newsletter you’ll know that since the start of the year I have been attempting to do a wardrobe challenge. This involved me filling a rail with clothing so that I could see what I had worn; as great as this has been for encouraging me to do a massive clear out, it resulted in our bedroom being full of clutter and was stressing me out!! With life throwing a few curve balls lately, more than ever at Rose Cottage we’ve needed a calm and relaxing place for us to soak up some much needed ‘me’ time.  For most people this room would be the bedroom – somewhere to completely unwind after a stressful day.  Over the past few weeks I have came to realise the importance of this room and put some love into it in the hope it will love me right back!!

So, here’s what i’ve been up to –

Making my bed every morning.

There is nothing makes me feel more put together than when i’ve made the bed (and added the extra 20 ‘just for show’ cushions!!!).  I fling open the window, leave the covers back for a little while to air the bed, then put all the covers and cushions into place.  I think this little simple task can really set the tone for your day and help encourage you to plough through all the other jobs you need to do.  I also give the bed a good spray with softner mix (a Mrs Hinch tip) to freshen it up and give it that just washed feel. Plus at the end of the day when your crawling back in how much better does it feel to get into a bed that has been made?!

Keeping it tidy.

‘A tidy room equals a tidy mind’ – isn’t that the popular saying?!  I have been really trying to put everything back where it belongs after I use it, and every couple of days running the hoover and duster around.  To my complete shock even the hubby has commented on how good the room has been looking (I checked his pulse don’t worry!) – now just to do the same in the rest of Rose Cottage!


Adding scent.

So as well as spraying the softner mix, as mentioned above, I like to spray my pillows and the top of the duvet with Pillow spray.  I’ve found this has really helped relax me, especially when I’m struggling to get over to sleep.  I have also added a candle and some fresh flowers to my bedside table – my new moto is ‘life’s too short not to burn your expensive candles!’

Invest in good quality bedding.

Thankfully my hubby works in this industry so we have been sleeping like royalty for a while now (!!!); but honestly if you haven’t bought good pillows and a duvet, put it top of your shopping list and thank me later! It is life changing, will save you money in the long run as they will last you so much longer and you will sleep like a champion!


And lastly, something I haven’t done (yet!!!) – Redecorate.

Get yourself lost on Pinterest for a few hours and create a board of bedroom inspo.  Look for rooms which are calm and muted rather than loud and in your face.  What you find relaxing will be totally different to me, but thats the beauty of Pinterest – there’s something on there for everyone’s taste.


If you have any more tips I’d really love to hear them.  I’m hoping to sleep from now until I write another blog post so see you then!!

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!





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