5 tips to Capture the Perfect Interior Shot

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Over 3 years ago I started my Instagram journey when we were renovating Rose Cottage.  Interior design was never really my thing until I started to make decisions about the inside of our home…Queue me spending hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and to try and find my style!  I began to share photos of our redecoration and found a real love for staging interior images.  I didn’t attend any fancy photography courses instead just picked things up and improved (slightly!!!) along the way!  There has been a lot of trial and error to get where I am and even still I feel theres loads more room to grow.

I have to say, there are no rules, only loose guidelines that you can follow to take a good photo.  It really all comes down to finding your OWN style.  Personally I love light and bright shots, others may prefer dark and moody – its entirely up to you!
1. Use natural light (whenever possible!)
Get the lights turned off to avoid bad shadows.  I also don’t use a flash – I feel natural light always gives the best outcome.

2. Edit every single photo
Software to edit your images will enhance them and retrieve the best results.  I like Snapseed as its quick and easy to use.

3. Keep your lines straight
Watch your lines when your taking interior shots and keep them as straight as you can.  Using a tripod with a bubble level can really help with this.  Keeping your camera at chest height, between the ceiling and floor is a good way to capture over the table and countertops.

4. Overcast days are your best friend!

The minute you see some clouds get your house tidied and the camera out!  The clouds function as a large softbox creating lovely soft shadows.

5. Stage carefully
The best shots are always carefully staged.  Hide all those plugs and ugly cables, basically anything that is not intended for decorative purposes.  Photoshop is also great for editing out those unwanted light switches etc.

There’s definitely a lot more hints and tips I’m sure I’ve missed here so if you’ve any questions please come over to @homeatrosecottage on Instagram – I’d love to hear from you over there! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!

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