“Jill is a pleasure to work with!  She always finds a unique spin for collaborative projects, it is clear she has a wonderful creative flair and great sense of humour.  Jill has established a dedicated Instagram following and it is clear that she invests time in cultivating relationships through her social media platforms, something that lends itself well to brand collaborations as her recommendations come across as genuine tips from a friend.

The team at Morrows continue to put Jill forward for collaborations with our clients and we have successfully worked with Jill on a number of projects.  Jill will go above and beyond to deliver results on any brand partnership, whether gifted or paid for and I highly recommend her as an influencer.”

Fiona Anderson, Morrow Communications

“We initially invited Jill along for a gifted experience at Roe Park Resort to sample the Afternoon Tea package and to promote experiences at the Resort as the ultimate Christmas gift.  Because of the success of the partnership, Roe Park Resort invited Jill and her husband back to stay in a luxury suite and enjoy a spa treatment.  In true ‘HomeatRoseCottage’ fashion, Jill did this with humour and style, creating engaging content that delivered the resort’s brand message in a very natural and authentic way.”

Roe Park Resort

“I am a member of the CIPR committee and recently hosted an event about the impact of using influencers.  Jill was the first person I thought of to be on the panel as she is truly dedicated to Home at Rose Cottage and the content she is creating is, in my opinion, a step above the rest.”

Olivia McAleenan, Morrow Communications

“Jill goes above and beyond and the content she creates is engaging and personal for her followers.  She takes the time to capture dynamic and creative pictures to ensure that every brand or company she works with gets something different in her posts.  Jill works with brands who match her personality and lifestyle and in turn receives great engagement on all posts, something that Asda are really impressed with!”


“I have to say from our point of view, we have worked with Homeatrosecottage and Jill is just amazing in terms of her creative content and the passion she puts into everything”