What’s in my changing bag?

Hello again!

I thought I would give you a look inside my changing bag today…


I think the key to a successful trip out is a well organised changing bag.  I like to pride myself in being a super organised person who brings anything and everything in her bag to cover any and all situations!  Becoming a mummy has meant this bag organisation has moved from being my handbag to the changing bag!

I am currently just using the changing bag which came in the bundle with my pram – but I actually really like this wee bag.  It is easy on the eye, goes with everything and hooks onto the pram meaning I don’t have to carry it about.

So here’s what I keep inside:


Yes I really fit all this into my changing bag!  I use the changing bag as my handbag as well, as lets face it who wants to kart about 2 bags!

So here’s a list of Harry’s items which go into the bag:

  • Nappies – I have tried out lots of different brands of nappies over the last 10 weeks but always seem to come back to Pampers.  Im not sure if its because they really are the best nappy or its just the brand name.  Harry is currently wearing size 2.
  • Wipes – Im not too fussy about what brand of wipes I use and normally just buy whichever ones are on offer!
  • Nappy bags – I bring lots of these out with me as they can have a few different uses.  If Harry is sick or has a big explosion I would put the dirty clothes into a nappy bag to bring home.
  • Changing mat – I don’t like the idea of putting my wee man onto one of those pull down changing tables without this mat, so I always use this when changing him in public.
  • Bottles and formula containers – I always bring at least 3 bottles out with me no matter how long I intend to be out for.  Ive got locked in an underground carpark because of a bomb scare before so you can never be too prepared!!  These little containers are so so handy and the little top prevents any spillage with formula powder.
  • Muslin Cloths – I normally just bring one large one out with me.  Has many uses – sick catcher, cover for breastfeeding, blanket for swaddling, or if you’ve forgotten your changing mat.
  • 2 bibs
  • Spare vest and babygrow – I would recommend bringing a baby grow as the spare outfit as lets face it when your flapping about after a huge explosion who wants to be faffing with putting an awkward outfit on a screaming child!

My items which go into the bag:

  • Purse – this one is from Cath Kidson and has a handy little pull out compartment when you don’t want to bring the whole thing.
  • Phone – lets be honest going out without this is like losing a limb!
  • Vanity bag – I fill a little makeup bag with a few comfort items for myself which includes a comb, lipgloss, tissues, sanitary products, hand gel, wipes, hair bobbles and clips.

Would love to hear what you yummy mummies keep in your changing bags?

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!