Styling your kitchen worktops

Hi there! Hope you are all enjoying the frosty cold weather? puts me into full on faffing mode and the latest place in Rose Cottage to get hit is the kitchen worktops! When I share my kitchen over on Instagram I always get lots of compliments on the styling of it so thought I would… Continue reading Styling your kitchen worktops


Harry’s Bedroom Makeover

Hi there! I can hardly believe we are at this stage with Harry....moving him into a big boy bed! I knew time would fly when we had him (because everyone and their Granny warns you!!) but I really cannot take it in! For any one who missed out on what his wee room was like… Continue reading Harry’s Bedroom Makeover


Collecting Emma Bridgewater on a Budget

Hello there! When we starting planning our move into Rose Cottage, my mind immediately went into overdrive picking things to furnish it.  When I thought about pottery, I knew I wanted to collect Emma Bridgewater.  I admired the unique and colourful patterns, and appreciated the time and patience which went into each piece. Having built… Continue reading Collecting Emma Bridgewater on a Budget


Pure Bliss

Hello there! Having recently read lots of blogs, from people I closely follow, on their skincare routines I thought I would share my skin journey... I always had great skin through my childhood and teenage years so it was never really anything I gave a second thought. This all changed when my skin badly broke… Continue reading Pure Bliss


Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

Hello there! I hope you have had a fun filled Easter full of memory making! If you are lucky enough to have buckets full of chocolate eggs you might be looking for other ways to eat them (apart from stuffing them all in your mouth at once!!!).  I made some yummy hot chocolate with a… Continue reading Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

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Weaning (In collaboration with Glenisk)

Hello there! There is nothing more my wee Harry loves eating than yogurt; so when Glenisk got in touch asking if they could send us some of their products I jumped at the chance! Glenisk, who are best known for their award winning natural yogurts, are a local family business based just outside Tullymore. They… Continue reading Weaning (In collaboration with Glenisk)


Harry Potter Themed Party

Hello there! My Sister is always super kind when it comes to special occasions, so when a close friend of hers got in contact about organising a surprise party I jumped at the chance!  The friend arranged the hire of a hot tub for the weekend, and I provided the venue and food.  I decided… Continue reading Harry Potter Themed Party

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Setting up the table for Christmas at Rose Cottage

Hello there! So with Christmas Day fast approaching, this week has seen me set up the table to enjoy dinner on at Rose Cottage.  Being the self-labelled queen of faffing, there is nothing more I love than making up the table and rearranging it 152 times!  I have collaborated with Ferguson Flowers on this post, who… Continue reading Setting up the table for Christmas at Rose Cottage

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Wrapping up Christmas as Rose Cottage

Hello there! We are into week 3 of the run up to Christmas at Rose Cottage, which sees us wrapping up the gifts and placing them under the tree.  I love being creative with gift wrapping, trying to think of new cost effective ideas to make them look that extra bit special! Wrapping presents like… Continue reading Wrapping up Christmas as Rose Cottage