Wrapping up Christmas as Rose Cottage

Hello there!

We are into week 3 of the run up to Christmas at Rose Cottage, which sees us wrapping up the gifts and placing them under the tree.  I love being creative with gift wrapping, trying to think of new cost effective ideas to make them look that extra bit special! Wrapping presents like these shown can be so simple to do and will sit beautifully below your tree.  I have been sharing these ideas this week over on insta stories and the response has been totally overwhelming…Seems my followers love gift wrapping as much as me!

The first gift wrapping idea I’d like to share is using brown paper bags.  These can be bought in packs of 6 from the pound shop for £1 – making them super cost effective! I have added a few extras to each bag to give them a real Christmassy feel.

On the first bag, I have folded down the top and placed a white paper doily over with a little peg to keep it in place.  I have also stamped onto the doily who the gift is to.


The second bag also has the top folded down.  I have punched a hole in the top right hand corner, poked a berry pick through and bent it down at the back to hold it in place. The bag was then stamped with ‘Merry & Bright’.


The third bag has a tree shape on the front which was created with a cotton bud dipped in white paint and dotted on.  I then added 2 little tree baubles onto the handle at the top.


I punched 2 holes in the top of the forth bag between the handles and threaded a ribbon through.  A label was then added with who the gift is from.




The second gift wrapping idea is using brown paper.  The again is so cheap to buy and can be bought in rolls found in any of the pound or discount stores.

The first brown paper wrapped present has a little car drawn onto the side with a sharpie pen.  I’ve then tied a tree onto the top with some red and white twine.


The second has a paper doily tied onto the present and then stamped with who the present is from and to.


The third has a tree shape put onto the front using some ribbon.  The ribbon is bent back and forward, then attached to the present using a glue gun.  I then put some cord around the gift and 2 little baubles.



The third gift wrapping idea is using a small crate from Ikea which can be purchased here.  I have put a piece of tissue paper in to line the bottom of the crate and then my goodies on top.  Bigger items to be put at the back and smaller at the front.  If you find some of your smaller items are getting lost in the crate, then scrumple up some tissue paper and set the item on top of it.  I have then wrapped the whole crate with some cellophane by first setting it on top of the roll.  Pull the sides up to measure how much you need.  Once you have cut it to size, gather up the ends and use some string to hold together.  Then tidy up the sides, like you would a present, by using some cello tape to keep it in place.  I’ve then added a ribbon tied into a bow and a stag Christmas tree decoration on top.

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration and I would love to hear if you have any money saving gift wrapping ideas!

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!