Setting up the table for Christmas at Rose Cottage

Hello there!

So with Christmas Day fast approaching, this week has seen me set up the table to enjoy dinner on at Rose Cottage.  Being the self-labelled queen of faffing, there is nothing more I love than making up the table and rearranging it 152 times!  I have collaborated with Ferguson Flowers on this post, who have supplied me with the most stunning centre piece you ever did see!  My whole table setting was planned around this statement flower arrangement which has created the most beautiful focal point.

To create my Christmas table firstly I roped in a few friends to help me paint placemats onto the top.  (I will maybe do a blog post on the details of how I done this if there’s any interest…let me know!)  Initially I had hoped to write onto the placements with a chalk pen who would be sitting where, but ran out of room!  I think the black really sets off the flowers and plates, and is a nice contrast against the white table.


Next I placed one large Emma Bridgewater black toast dinner plate onto each place setting and a smaller side plate on top.  The napkin was then put on top of this.  The cutlery placed to one side along with 2 wine glasses.  I tied some gold sprayed eucalyptus  along with beaded hearts onto the back of the chairs and a fur throw onto the bench.

Lastly (and most importantly!!) the beautiful floral centre piece was placed in the centre on top of a gold runner.  This arrangement is full of eucalyptus, which is my absolute favourite, along with large cream roses and a fast selection of seasonal greenery.


I think you’d agree these flowers are simply stunning and really make the table display special? The staff at Ferguson Flowers are amazingly talented and so helpful! It is a leading online delivery store, with over 40 years experience in the florist industry. They deliver flowers throughout Northern Ireland, and your still in time to order for Christmas!  They can be contacted via the following –

Website here

Instagram here

Facebook here

Phone 02890 240111

Or you could pop into their beautiful store found on 45 Belmont Road Belfast.  Their shop has stunning wreaths, arrangements, bouquets and gift ideas available already made up to purchase; or they can make them up bespoke.

I would love to hear how you will be styling your Christmas table!

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!