Create your own artificial Christmas wreath

Hello there!

We are beginning the ‘Christmas at Rose Cottage’ run up with a simple DIY wreath. I kicked it off over on instagram this week by creating a rustic, traditional style wreath on an insta live! But incase you missed it, I have written a step by step guide below.  This wreath would be perfect for your fireplace or hung on a front door! The majority of the materials can be found in most local high street stores at this time of year but I’ll let you know where I picked mine up.

So first, here is the list of things you will need and where to find it:

50cm artificial wreath –

Ribbon –—assorted/5052089202399

Bells –

Cherries on sticks – Poundland

Pinecones – Scavenged and sprayed with snow spray

Cinnamon sticks –

Baubles on wire –

Florist Wire –

**Please shop about for these products and check out the pound shops and local garden centres to get the best value for money!**

So now for how to put all these together to create the wreath of dreams!

Firstly, and what I feel the most important step to creating this wreath is to ensure you pull out and separate the sections – poke the branches in all different directions as this will create a fuller , more 3D look.  This photo below is a before and after:

The second step is creating the focal point of the wreath.  You will need at least 2 different types of ribbon.  I chose tartan and hessian to tie in with the traditional style I hope to create in Rose Cottage this Christmas.  I would recommend using a wired ribbon as it will help the loops sit better.  You are going to make 2 rosettes – one large and one small.  Start by taking one roll of ribbon (around 2 metres in length) and creating a loop.  Bend a piece of florist wire around this loop and point the 2 wires in opposite directions. Continue to create more loops on top, slightly moving around with each loop in a clockwise direction. Once you have used all the ribbon – twist the wire together over all the loops and secure.


Then do the same with the other ribbon, ensuring one rosette is bigger than the other. (To do this, make the loops bigger on the rosette you would like at the back).


Next secure both of these rosettes together and to the wreath using florist wire.


Tie together 3 bells using some string and then attach to the rosette – pulling string around the back of the whole wreath.


Insert 3 berries on sticks around your rosette – these can be attached using florist wire at the back of the wreath.

Then you can add the rest of the accessories evenly around the wreath. (I have wrapped some florist wire around the pinecones as shown in the photos).

And that is your completed wreath!  You can substitute any of the ribbons and accessories to suit your own theme – I also think this would be beautiful in silver and white.


If you have any questions at all, please get in touch! When you create your wreath, I’d love to see it, so please use the hashtag christmasatrosecottage2017 over on Instagram.

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!