September Round Up

Hi there,
and welcome to my first monthly round up!
I’m hoping to keep the topics roughly the same each month, talking about all things fashion, being out and about and growing your social media presence.
If this sounds up your street, then I’ll stop waffling and get going!

What I’m wearing…

I’ve been noticing lately on Social Media, people feeling the pressure to keep up with the latest trends and buying a new wardrobe with every Season. Please please please don’t feel the need to do this!! Take a look inside your wardrobe and try to be creative with what you already own. The outfits I’ve put together above are using 3 Summer pieces from my wardrobe – a denim dress, a strappy top and a denim skirt.
Here are a few tips to bring your wardrobe along with you skipping into Autumn:
– Polo necks are great for teaming with skirts/shorts or putting under/over dresses.
– Add a basic tee under your strappy summer tops for a bit more coverage in the chilly weather.
– Knee high boots are perfect for skin coverage and to give you that extra bit of heat!
I would love to hear if you have any more tips for re-styling your current wardrobe, and let me know how you’ve been shopping your own wardrobe!

Where I’m wandering…

We recently discovered a little local gem of a spot thanks to my Sister… Bangor’s Castle and Walled Garden
This beautiful garden is perfect for little ones to safely run around the stone paths while you can take in the stunning surroundings! There are lots of picnic benches and also a small play park just outside the walls (which is perfect bribery to finish your trip!!). It would also be lovely for a child-free walk as there are plenty of photo opportunities perfect for the ‘gram!
With the added bonus of free entry, lots of parking and a small cafe on site…what’s not to love??

Why I’m writing…


I thought I’d use this section to share some tips on how you can improve your social media presence and in particular Instagram. I’m definitely in no shape or form any kind of expert, so anything thing I share here is something I’m going to work on implementing myself too!

This month I want to focus on the algorithm…

More than ever before, quality content is key; And when I talk about content I mean images, captions, stories, live streams etc etc… Everything you share is content and putting maximum effort into creating something which is finger stopping and thumb clicking is vital for growth and engagement these days.
I don’t know about you, but I can hardly say algorithm never mind understand it!! But, whether you love or hate it, the best thing you can do for your feed is learn to get along with it!!
If you think your engagement is low, don’t sit and complain about the algorithm and re-post silly images about 7% of people seeing posts (falling down the algorithm black hole)…put the effort into ‘pulling one of out the bag’. Create content that will stop your followers in their tracks and force them to engage. Remind people why they clicked the follow button and place yourself back on their home feeds – remind the algorithm that people want to see your content!
I would love you to push yourself outside your comfort zone and get super creative! Go on…give it a go and let me know how you get on and if it helps!
I so welcome anyone who may be struggling creatively to get in touch…I’d love you help you out!

Hope to speak to you soon!


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