Creating a Plate Wall

Hello there!

If you’ve been following along with my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a massive Emma Bridgewater fan! As my collection grows, I’ve been trying to think of ideas to have as much as I can on display (much to the hubby’s delight!!).

My latest idea was to create a wall full of plates with some of my favourite pieces. I wanted to get them out of the back of my cupboard and onto display.

I started by sticking together some blank pages the size of the space I wanted to fill.

I then painted the wooden letters with some tester pots of paint. I picked the letters up from Hobbycraft and used a different style for each letter to create more of a feature.

I placed the letters and plates onto the blank page to create the pattern I wanted.

I drew round them all with a pencil.

I then stuck the page up onto the wall.

I used a screwdriver to mark the wall where each plate would go.

I took down the page, and put a wall plug, (it was plaster board) and a screw with washers into the holes marked. The washer was to give the hook on the back of my plate a little more to hold on to (and to settle my nerves!!!).

After lots of research these plate hangers from Amazon came out on top for reliability. I picked up a pack with a variety of sizes.

I then matched the size of the hanger to the plate size and following the instructions on the back to secure them.

Now the nervous part (!!!) … I started to hang the plates onto the screws with washers.

I attached the letters using ‘no more nails’.

And here’s the finished result! It really was as simple as that!

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!

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