Creating a Gallery Wall

Hello there!

How are you all keeping? I hope lockdown is treating you well, or as well as can be!  I’m still working away, trying to get the jobs ticked off the never ending list and have now moved onto the hall.

Almost a year ago we had a family photo shoot in a local forest park to where we live. You can see the photos here Autumn photo Shoot (in Collaboration with Cathy Dwyer Our Wildest Days Photography)  I have been meaning to get some of the photos printed out and displayed in Rose Cottage, but I don’t know about you…I never get round to printing out photos!! If you have looked at all the beautiful photos which Cathy took, you will understand how difficult it was to only pick a couple.  I decided the best way to get as many up as possible was to create a gallery wall.

So here’s how I pulled it together…

Firstly, your gonna need:

Photos – I ordered mine from Free Prints (this is an app for your phone)  The size I chose were 12×8.

Photo frames (preferably with mounts) I ordered mine from  I went for size 16×12, black frame with white mount.

Wall nails and hooks

Large piece of paper

Measuring tape


I started by getting a large piece of paper the size of the wall space I was wanting to fill.  I then measured and marked the middle of the paper.  I used this mark to measure out the placement of all the frames.

I started with the middle 2 frames and placed those first.  Once I measured and had them in position I drew round the frames.  I then did the same for the outer frames.

Once I drew round all the frames on the paper, I stuck the page onto the wall using bluetac.

I then measured how far the hook was from the top of the frame and marked this onto the paper and put a nail and hook there.

The large piece of paper was then removed from the wall and I hung the frames.

When creating a gallery wall, if you would like to create a simple and uniform look like mine, choose the same size, shape and colour of frames.  Also use photos which have a similar theme or colour.

It’s as simple as that! As always any questions please get in touch!

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!


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