Bathroom Storage

If you are a lotions and potions type of gal like me, then bathroom storage is definitely something you need to have a good think about. When I was giving my bathroom its recent makeover, storage was top of my list!

For me, a space looks clean and tidy when everything has a home.  I like to have as many of the bottles and containers out of sight as I can and this Ikea Shoe Cabinet was the perfect solution.  It makes life easier to have all the toiletries in one place, plus stops all the “where is my….??” questions from the Hubby!!!


The top drawer is filled with all our smaller bits and pieces.  I added some lids from old perfume boxes into the drawer as dividers to keep everything tidy and from sliding around.


The bottom drawers pull out from the top and allow you to slide bottles down into the sections.  This makes sure they are stored upright and won’t spill.


I then added some baskets below for other smaller items like skin care and wee Harry’s bath toys.


The only other piece of storage I have in the bathroom is a small basket (from EBay).  I put my cleaning bits into the bottom and toilet rolls on the top.

For me the bathroom looks so much tidier with all the ugly bottles hidden away.  I then keep a few of the prettier things out on display.


I really hope this has been helpful and given you a few ideas of how to great creative with storage in your own home!

Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed writing!


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